Rafah Centre for Agricultural and Environmental Development

About Us

About Us

Our Mission:

Rafah Center for Agricultural and Environmental Development "RCAED" is a non-profit centre, it has been established in 2014, registered by the Ministry of National Economy under the number 562530808. It aims at improving the standard of living of farmers in Rafah governorate and empowering them economically as well as protecting the environment through specialized agricultural and environmental programs to achieve sustainable & comprehensive agricultural development.


Our vision:

Rafah Center for Agricultural and Environmental Development seeks to be the largest agricultural organization that provides quality agricultural services to all farmers in Rafah governorate and to meet their needs through strategic programs that contribute to enhancing the agricultural sector's contribution to the development of the Palestinian economy.



  1. To protect, expand and increase the lands planted with vegetables and fruits;
  2. To facilitate farmers' access to water sources suitable for irrigation through creative solutions to water problems related to the agricultural sector and improving the rational management of water resources.
  3.  To promote projects that preserve the environment, protect biodiversity and raise environmental awareness among farmers; and implement environmentally friendly projects and safe farming.
  4. To develop the skills and capabilities of farmers and rural women and raise their productivity;
  5.  To contribute to improve the technical, administrative and financial capacity of agricultural NGOs.
  6.  To assist farmers to reduce their production costs and increase agricultural productivity.
  7. To enhance animal's production and achieving food security of animal and plant products.
  8. To enhance partnership with all organizations, work in the agricultural sector (Gov. - NGOs - Cooperatives - INGOs - Private).


For more information, please visit our web: www.rcaed.org

Telefax: 00972 8 2143217

Jawal: 00972 599 188068

Wataniya: 00972 567026656

Email: projects@rcead.org    &   mohammed.othman@rcaed.org   &  info@rcaed.org


Rafah, Salah Addien St., Al-Obour area, closed to Rafah Crossing Boarder, the western area of Al-shoka