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In recent years, the prevalence of diseases and cancer has increased, according to informed figures of the media, one of the causes of which is the toxins transferred from food and plantations in the Gaza Strip.

This theory was confirmed by official statistics and a study that is considered the first of its kind in the Gaza Strip. It included statistics on the entry of pesticides and its use in the spraying of crops in the Gaza Strip, in parallel with the high rates of diseases after conducting laboratory tests in the Arab Republic of Egypt. Poisonous and carcinogenic agricultural pesticides.

The researcher Nariman Jabr Al-Atawneh discussed the master's thesis at the Islamic University entitled "Agricultural Pesticides and their impact on health in the Gaza Strip" under the supervision of Dr. Naim Baroud, Dr. Nasser Eid and Dr. Kamel Abu Zaher.

The researcher defined agricultural pesticides as a substance or mixture of substances intended to prevent, eliminate or control any agricultural pest that causes damage or interferes in any way during the production of food or agricultural products.

Agricultural pesticides are used to reduce the losses caused by pests to agricultural crops. FAO reports that 45% of global production is lost from total agricultural production due to pests, but its use in large quantities leads to pollution of the environment because its residues in the soil are high, It is also the result of the use of the accumulation of quantities of them or their toxic derivatives on agricultural crops, especially fresh fruits and leaves, as well as may reach the sources of water and pollution.

The pesticides in the Gaza Strip affected all aspects of life and thus affected the health sector, water and soil. It also harmed the health of the Palestinian citizens as a result of excessive use and affected the health of the farmer himself. This has negatively affected the health situation because of its long-term impact, Diseases such as cancer, fetal malformations, inflammation, cirrhosis of the liver and renal failure, which have been observed significantly, but this does not exclude the existence of other reasons led to the aggravation of the health situation in the provinces of Gaza.

Several regional and international studies point to the dangers of pesticides and the need to rationalize their use because of severe and chronic poisoning of humans and animals, which have led to and continue to lead to deaths due to indiscriminate and excessive use. The Gaza governorates are considered to be areas of abuse and increase in quantity used In agriculture and too much. The study examined the subject of agricultural pesticides and their impact on health in the Gaza Governorates. The study was applied to a sample of farmers in the five governorates of Gaza (North Gaza, Gaza, Central, Khan Younis, Rafah) Single.

The researcher collected 51 blood samples from the farmers of the Gaza governorates and the blood samples were separated in the centrifuge to obtain the serum in order to be examined. This was done by a specialist in the medical professions. He has a profession by the Ministry of Health, and 52 milk samples from neighboring areas. A total of 97 samples, 50 blood samples and 47 milk samples, were analyzed and 6 samples were lost due to their lack of validity for analysis. They were transferred in special, appropriate, sterile and cool conditions.

The researcher sent the samples to the Central Laboratory for Pesticide Residue Analysis in the Arab Republic of Egypt. The laboratory is internationally accredited and holds ISO 17025. It is a global laboratory on Egyptian soil. The laboratory has extensive experience in the field of food safety testing and a comprehensive set of the latest analytical techniques. The latest techniques and methods of analysis such as gas chromatograph and liquid LC-MS / MS & GCMSD.


                                  Study Summary

The study examined agricultural pesticides and their impact on health in the Gaza governorates, highlighting the reality of the pesticides, their quantities and types during the year 2014 and comparing them with the previous years. The sources also explained the pollution of the environment with pesticides, as well as the reasons for spreading them through determining the farms for propagation reasons. The researcher distributed (501) From several areas

During which the problems and effects of the excessive use of agricultural pesticides and their dangers on the health of farms and on the health of citizens and the impact of some pesticides used in the governorates of Gaza were observed.

 The study also examined the effect of the plant hormones, as well as the effect of pesticides on the environment of soil, water, air, vital enemies and wild life and its impact on food. The study also dealt with pesticide residues in maternal milk and blood plasma. The researcher also monitored pesticide residues, as well as agricultural products (exported, imported, .

The study examined the effect of pesticides on the contamination of mother's milk, and explained how the mother got rid of them through her exit with milk and embryos. She also discussed the precautions to be taken to reduce pesticides residues and their risks in food and also indicated the diseases related to pesticides and affected by farmers and spread among them such as kidneys, cirrhosis and thyroid gland And cancer.

The study showed the chronological development of the number of people suffering from cancer from 2011-2014, which showed the relationship between the quantities of chemical pesticides and cancer, and explained the geographic distribution of cancer patients in the Gaza governorates. The study also examined the toxicity of pesticides and their victims in Gaza governorates by determining levels, grades, And its characteristics, in addition to how pesticides enter the human body, the symptoms of poisoning, as well as the geographical distribution of pesticide poisonings in the Gaza governorates. The farmer also identified cases of pesticide poisoning as well as his children.

The results of the study showed that the quantities of pesticides used in the Gaza governorates, which have been issued permission to import them before