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The effects of back of the Palestinian Government to Gaza on the Agricultural Exports in the Gaza Strip


The Director General of Marketing and Crossings at the Ministry of Agriculture in Gaza, Tahseen al-Sakka, said that since this year, the ministry has exported about 20,000 tons of crops grown in the Gaza Strip to the Israeli and foreign markets. The export volume is expected to reach 25,000 tons End of the year.

Al-Sakka said that despite the closure of commercial crossings adjacent to the sector and the complexity of the export of agricultural products from Gaza to the outside, this year witnessed a significant improvement in exports compared to previous years, which improved the situation of farmers and the agricultural economy in general, For their previous losses even slightly.

Between 2007 and 2014, the percentage of exports of agricultural products to the markets of the West Bank, Israel and the outside world was very small, because of the closure of the crossings and the complexity of their export and leaving them at the crossings for days, which was causing damage and attach to the farmers heavy losses. This year, Export is back before 2005.

On the types of vegetables exported, Al-Sakka explained that tomatoes had the largest share of the volume of exported goods. Some 12,000 tons were exported, strawberries 626 tons, cucumbers 3000 tons, cusas 700 tons, sweet peppers 1000 tons, , Lemon 225 tons, mussels 40 tons, flower 100 tons, cabbage 100 tons, and many other varieties of vegetables that were issued but in quantities less than mentioned.

He stressed that the Gaza Strip is self-sufficiency of agricultural products, and therefore the volume of exports will not affect their prices in the markets of the Gaza Strip, because the ministry and traders issue the surplus. If the ministry feels that a product lost from the market as a result of export or increased its price, Priority in obtaining them.

He pointed out that the ministry exports to several destinations, including the Israeli markets, exporting about 2700 tons of export volume, as well as Jordan, the markets of the occupied West Bank and some Arab countries.

Al-Sakka hopes to increase the volume of exports through the crossings controlled by the Israeli occupation, after the implementation of Palestinian reconciliation and enable the government of reconciliation to work in the Gaza Strip in full.

It is noteworthy that in 2015, about 13 thousand tons of vegetables were exported, and in 2016 the ministry exported 20 thousand tons, and is expected to increase the volume of exports of agricultural products abroad for 25 thousand tons this year.