Rafah Centre for Agricultural and Environmental Development


Developing of water resources for agricultural lands in Rafah
Distribution of organic fertilizer to farmers
Seedlings and drip irrigation networks distribution


Capacity Building and Awareness Program
Capacity Building and Awareness Program: this program aims at developing the technical capabilities of farmers and meet their needs in terms of using modern techniques in order to improve the quality
Water and Environment Program
Environmental Protection Program: Strengthening organic agriculture Environmental Protection Projects Compost Industry Projects (Organic Fertilizer) Biodiversity conservation projects Solid
Livestock and Fisheries Program
Livestock and Fisheries Program: Support fishermen Support poultry breeders Support for sheep and cattle breeders Encouraging the manufacture of feed Establishment of farms Projects for the
Enhancing planting production
Program to promote plant production includes: Land Reclamation Cultivation of open land Cultivation of greenhouses Constructing nurseries Agricultural Marketing Assist farmers in providing



The Director General of Marketing and Crossings at the Ministry of Agriculture in Gaza, Tahseen al-Sakka, said that since this year, the ministry has
The sheep sector in the Gaza Strip faces many problems that are affecting both farmers and consumers. The low number of sheep available in the sector